ECSM 2016

ECSM 2016 aims at expanding its visibility among the EU member states so as to increase cyber-security awareness in general but also in relation to widely used, emerging, technologies, as well as EU data protection and privacy policy requirements.

Along with ENISA, various stakeholders, ranging from the private sector, education, the European Commission (EC) and other EU bodies, join together in a common vision and provide support toward the establishment of an EU cyber-security culture. 

ECSM runs for the entire month of October, with ENISA publishing new material and focusing on a different topic each week. At the same time partners organise activities with special focus on training, strategy summits, online quizzes and provide general presentations to end users.

Kick-Off Event

Preparations for the fourth ECSM started in earnest with collaboration being forged between the European Banking Federation (EBF), Europol and ENISA for this year’s Cyber Security Month kick-off event.  Taking place in the footsteps of the Banking Summit, the EBF will be hosting the kick-off event at their premises in Brussels on the 30th September 2016. 

The agenda for the launch includes opening speeches by dignitaries from both the banking industry and European public sector. National co-ordination teams will offer insights into their campaigns and leading IT security experts will debate on the security themes of the month.

October Themes

For this year’s events, ENISA has finalised with its partners four themes and corresponding activities in cyber security that will take place in October's 1-4 weeks:


ECSM 2016 October Themes
Week 1 (3 - 7th) Security in Banking
Week 2 (10 - 14th) Cyber Safety
Week 3 (17 - 21st) Cyber Security Training
Week 4 (24 - 28th) Mobile Malware

We invite you to attend the launch of this year’s ECSM and we encourage policy makers, industry experts and representatives from competent authorities to come forward as speakers or panelists for either of the four sessions on the weekly themes.

Please visit the ECSM home page to learn more details on the ongoing events and activities.

Additional Works

An updated NIS Quiz.

The NIS quiz was developed by ENISA in order for EU citizens to assess their knowledge and enhance their skills in cyber security. A translation of the NIS quiz to all member states languages has been requested by the ECSM community as a priority for ECSM 2016.

New ESCM graphical visualisations.

The 2016 ECSM event’s objectives require the use of simpler and more comprehensive graphical data visualisations with respect to cyber security major concepts and activities. As a result a new poster, infographics and social media banners are currently being prepared.

An Innovative ECSM Website.

The ECSM web site updated to include a more informative new graphical interface and include all new activities, tools, social media, partners’ logos, for the 2016 ECSM event.

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