#CyberALL - Embracing diversity, empowering cyber inclusivity, and welcoming fresh perspectives to tackle challenges


At the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA), we actively promote gender diversity within our teams and appreciate contributions from individuals of all backgrounds. Our inclusive environment fosters collaboration and empowers everyone to contribute their best.

We support women in cybersecurity through mentorship, training, and networking. We collaborate with institutions, academia, and organisations to make cybersecurity an attractive career for all. Our objective is a diverse workforce that reflects the communities we serve, harnessing the potential of talented individuals from diverse backgrounds.

By embracing diversity and support equity, we enhance our ability to protect against cyber threats and create a workplace culture that values differences. We believe diverse teams lead to better decision-making and innovation.

#CyberALL 2023 - Break the bias

With our new campaign, we're on a mission to shatter biases within the key cybersecurity professional role profiles as identified by the European Cybersecurity Skills Framework. Our goal is to promote diversity and inclusivity within the cybersecurity career paths.


Join our cause by sharing the message of #CyberAll! Find out more about the cybersecurity roles and download our campaign materials!

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