Smart Grid Threat Landscape

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This document elaborates on threats related to smart grid. Being an ENISA deliverable in the area of Threat Landscape, it comprises a detailed threat assessment in the area of smart grids, based on input form the generic ENISA Threat Landscape activities6. The rationale behind this piece of work is to “deepen” the generic threat assessment by taking into account specificities of smart grids, a vital CIIP sector.

By doing so, the objective is to complement various activities going on both within and outside ENISA, that is:

  • To perform a threat assessment on the basis of which smart grid security measures will be based. This activity is in support of related activities of the Commission: DG-ENER, in close cooperation with ENISA and DG CNECT, has decided to task the EG2 working group with the organisation of consultations security requirements with national cyber security authorities and the energy and ICT industry.
  • To deliver input to other international activities, in particular in the area of standardisation , . In this context, the threat analysis provided in this document will be reused in the definition of security measures for smart grid infrastructure models (scenarios).

 Smart Grid Threat Landscape

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