ENISA is working towards a cyber secure and resilient Health Sector in the EU

Health sector

The increasing digitalisation and interconnectedness in Health has left an already targeted sector more exposed to and impacted by cybersecurity attacks. The COVID-19 pandemic brought the Health Sector to the forefront and further illustrated the importance of protecting health services and medical data. Cybersecurity should be considered as an enabler for ensuring the resilience and availability of key healthcare services.

Since 2014, ENISA has been working closely with the cybersecurity community for healthcare across the EU to foster the security and resilience of the sector by supporting the development and implementation of a relevant policy and regulatory framework, by raising awareness, publishing guidelines and good practices, facilitating information sharing and more. The complexity and diversity of the sector requires that all stakeholders such as hospitals and other health services operators, national authorities, manufacturers and health IT professionals work together and contribute.

The EU Agency for Cybersecurity intends to keep playing its role in the continuous process of strengthening the cybersecurity of the EU's Health Sector by:

  • Addressing key issues and recommendations;
  • Supporting the development and implementation of the relevant policy and regulatory framework;
  • Facilitating information sharing and the exchange of good practices between health stakeholders;
  • Conducting awareness raising activities and organising physical and virtual events;
  • Promoting discussions and validating activities through the eHealth Security Experts Group;
  • Organising an annual eHealth Security Conference to discuss essential cybersecurity topics for the Health Sector.
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