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There are different ways to participate to the design of EU Cybersecurity Certification. Discover how you can be part of it!

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It is important that all relevant stakeholders have an opportunity to provide their input and contribute to the development and implementation of EU cybersecurity certification schemes.ENISA-SCREENSHOT_02.png

Find open calls to participate to the development of the candidate EU Cybersecurity Certification schemes. The nature of calls for interest varies depending on the stage of development of schemes. 

Take part to Ad-Hoc Working Groups (AHWG)

When developing EU cybersecurity schemes, ENISA works with a community of different cybersecurity stakeholders. Interested parties can apply to become part of the 'Ad-Hoc Working Group' of experts that supports the Agency in the development of a particular scheme.

Calls to participate in AHWGs: No current open calls 

Also, stakeholders may be invited to participate in pilots or 'proofs of concept' to test some or more elements of an EU scheme (e.g., feasibility, or possible procedures, processes or evaluation methods) before its implementation.

Public Consultations

When a scheme is in an advanced stage of development, there can also be public consultations on draft schemes.

Call for Comments:  No current calls

Once in place, a scheme needs to be updated and aligned with changes in the cybersecurity environment. Processes, procedures and evaluation methods need to be maintained, evaluated and reviewed. ENISA invites stakeholders to participate in the continuous improvement of the schemes.

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