Ad-hoc Working Group 01 - Transposition of the SOGIS-MRA certification framework

Published under Certification

In accordance with article 48(2) of Regulation (EU) 2019/881 (hereinafter, Cybersecurity Act), ENISA seeks to assist the European Commission in the preparation of a candidate cybersecurity certification scheme to serve as a successor to the existing Senior Officials Group Information Systems Security (SOG-IS) Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA).


The scope of this ad hoc working group is to support ENISA in preparing the above-mentioned draft candidate cybersecurity certification scheme.

Key tasks of this ad hoc working group include a review of the existing achievements under SOGIS, the pre-qualification of elements that need to be included in a cybersecurity certification scheme, support the drafting of a scheme in line with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2019/881 and generally support ENISA in carrying out its tasks in relation to the preparation of this draft candidate cybersecurity certification scheme.

Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference of the ad-hoc Working Group on the transposition of the SOGIS-MRA

Selected Members

  1. Mr. Gunnar Siebert - DCSO German Cyber Security Organisation
  2. Ms. Octavia Portugal Frota - High AD&S
  3. Mr. Roland Atoui - Red Alert Labs
  4. Mr. Wolfgang Niedziella - VDE Association for Electrical Electronic Information Technologies
  5. Mr. Dirk-Jan Out - Brightsight BV
  6. Mr. Jean-Charles Griviaud - Cisco France
  7. Mr. Gabor Hornyak - CCLab Ltd
  8. Mr. Franck Leroy - IN GROUPE
  9. Ms. Elżbieta Andrukiewicz - National Institute of Telecommunications
  10. Mr. John Boggie - NXP Semiconductors
  11. Mr. Alessandro Lazari - KPMG Advisory
  12. Mr. Hans-Werner Blissenbach - TUV Informationstechnik GmbH
  13. Mr. Javier Tallon Guerri - JTSEC BEYOND IT SECURITY
  14. Mr. Thierry Midy - Stormshield
  15. Mr. Nils Tekampe - Konfidas GmbH
  16. Ms. Giacinta Santo - SIPAL spa
  17. Mr. Lars Borgos - Norwegian National Security Authority
  18. Mr. Guillaume Herve - CEA LETI
  19. Mr. Gerald Krummeck - atsec information security GmbH
  20. Ms. Christine Crippa Martinez - Thales DIS ex Gemalto
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