Ad-Hoc Working Group on 5G Cybersecurity Certification - FAQ

Clarifications on the call for the ad hoc Working Group (AHWG) on 5G cybersecurity certification

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Clarifications until 28/6/2021





Has a specific number of experts been defined, to be selected for each workstream (WS) and for the AHWG as a whole?




What happens if a company is both a network and a device provider? Can its experts apply under both capacities, for all WSs?

There are indeed limitations for each category of stakeholders in relation to the WS they can apply to. As such the experts can apply under both capacities.



Is there maximum number of experts than can apply from one entity, for each WS?



Should we propose two different candidates for the work streams we are eligible for as a network equipment supplier or is there a preference for a single candidate to apply for both? 


There is no preference for a single candidate to apply for more than one workstreams. The whole selection procedure is based on the credentials of the candidates and their declaration of availability for participation 1 or 2 working days per week per workstream.


Are there preferences or restrictions in terms of nationality?



In the ToR of the call for experts, it is written: “If there are more suitable candidates than the number of members needed in the AHWG, a reserve list of candidate members will be established.”

 How many experts are needed and will be included for each WS? and how many experts will be included in the reserve list?


The number of experts needed per workstream is not a predefined number and will really depend on the number of candidates applying.

The same applies for the reserve list.


For each 5G stakeholder types and for each WS, specific expertise is required. Is it possible for a company to have several experts for each 5G stakeholder type in the same WS to propose the most suitable applicants with the relevant dedicated expertise?




Is it possible for a company to have one expert in several WS with the dedicated expertise?

Yes. This really depends on their availability and demonstrated expertise in the respective work stream


In the Call it is indicated that “Representatives of 5G stakeholders who apply for the participation in an AHWG work stream should demonstrate all the expertise requested for this stakeholder type in the work stream. Under this condition, applicants may apply for the participation in more than one work stream. Also, experts who are not representing a 5G stakeholder organisation may be selected if they demonstrate top level expertise in several areas of expertise required by an AHWG work stream”


Do you restrict application of one expert for a company even if this company is of several 5G Stakeholder types?

No application is restricted.


Is there any threshold on the number of non-EU nationals that would make up the ad hoc working group – is there a minimum requirement for EU nationals to sit?

No threshold, nor minimum requirement


Should the summary of the CV in English should be contained within the ‘expertise’ text box – or should this be at the top of the submitted CV?

A separately submitted CV is being requested


In the application a declaration of affiliation and contractual relationships should be made – in the absence of a specific text box where exactly should this be indicated?

In the supporting documentation attached, you can indicate that you declare your affiliation and contractual relationships. There is no specific template


Is it possible to attach a cover letter with the application – should this be added as a supporting document or will it be split between the ‘motivation’ and ‘expertise’ text boxes?

It can be attached/uploaded as a supporting document


What types of supporting documents would you expect to be included, especially given confidentiality requirements?

Supporting documents that provide information on the experience, the declaration /statement of affiliation and contractual relationships as well as the motivation of the applicant, are expected. The documents will be anyway uploaded in a secure environment. The call and the work within the ad hoc WG is bound by confidentiality rules


The supporting documents should show experience of over 3 years. Would this not be proved in the attached CV?

The attached CV is supporting documentation to demonstrate the abovementioned experience


Is there a need to confirm the commitment to being available for 1 or 2 working days a week and is this expected to be a weekly effort of the members of the WG?



Clarification on the type of applicants (Representative of a 5G stakeholder type OR Expert in private capacity)

As indicated in the ToR, ENISA is looking for support and expertise from representatives of 5G stakeholder groups. Experts who are not representing a 5G stakeholder organization (i.e. experts in private capacity) may be selected if they demonstrate top level expertise in several areas of expertise required by an AHWG work stream.


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