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Helmbrecht; 'Cooperation on Incident Response is needed'

The Executive Director of ENISA, Prof. Udo Helmbrecht, has given a keynote speech on “European and International Cooperation on Incident Response" during the Hungarian EU-Presidency Telecom Ministerial Conference on Critical Information Infrastructure Protection, CIIP, in Balatonfüred, Hungary, 15th April 2011.

Cyprus CERTs delegation visit to ENISA

Representatives from national / governmental CERTs from Cyprus visited the Agency last Thursday, 9/12. They met with the Agency Executive Director Prof. Dr. Udo Helmbrecht, before operational meetings with the Agency's CERT unit to discuss specific questions on day-to-day operations of CERTs. (CERT = Computer Emergency Response Team).

New Corporate Agency video online

The new corporate Agency video clip is online. In four minutes, a number of ENISA Experts and its Executive Director Dr. Udo Helmbrecht gives a brief overview of some Agency security activities in its mission of 'Securing Europe's Information Society'.

Data Breach Notifications analysed

The Executive Director participated in a high level panel at the European Data Protection and Privacy conference , subtitled 'Creating a modernized and harmonized regulatory framework' in Brussels on 30/11/2010 on the topic: 'Data Breach Notification – time for mandatory notification requirements?'

EU's Internal Security Strategy & ENISA

On 22, Nov., the European Commission launched the first EU Internal Security Strategy in a coherent approach. Among other things, it relates to cyber security and cyber crime. It points for ENISA to support the work in these areas as a body of Expertise, while not being an operational body.

Cloud Computing reports -now in Japanese

ENISA has received the support of the Japanese government’s Agency for the Promotion of Information Technology (IPA) for the dissemination of ENISA’s work on cloud computing in Japan. Thanks to the IPA’s initiative, the reports “Cloud computing: Benefits, risks and recommendations for information security" and the “Risk" and "Assurance" reports are now available in Japanese.

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