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Agency corporate web pages - now available in Greek

The Agency corporate web pages - press releases etc are now available in Greek.

Published on April 06, 2011

To better reach out to its Greek (and other Greek speaking) communities, the Agency now provides landing pages in Greek;

In these pages, the Agency provides some basic corporate material in Greek, its latest press releases, selected video clip material, ads, etc; all in Greek. This new approach has also been launched with ads (1, 2) in local Cretan media.

The Executive Director of ENISA, Prof. Udo Helmbrecht, comments:

“This action shows our dedication to reach out better to the Greek and Cretan community, where we live and operate. This is also aimed at serving other Greek speakers, such as those in Cyprus and other locations. Being an EU Agency means that we benefit from being able to interact with our local community. That is one of the reasons why around thirty EU Agencies are situated in different locations across Europe. We are pleased that ENISA now communicates in the local language too."

Prof. Helmbrecht continues: “We have landing pages in German, French and Greek, which is a great step forward to increase our outreach and impact.
By increasing the reach of our communications, we increase cyber security awareness in Europe,"  Prof. Helmbrecht concludes.



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