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Cloud Computing reports -now in Japanese

ENISA has received the support of the Japanese government’s Agency for the Promotion of Information Technology (IPA) for the dissemination of ENISA’s work on cloud computing in Japan. Thanks to the IPA’s initiative, the reports “Cloud computing: Benefits, risks and recommendations for information security" and the “Risk" and "Assurance" reports are now available in Japanese.

Focus: Country Reports

A detailed description of the Country Reports and a follow-up interview to the reports of this year, explaining their scope, the changes and improvements from last years' versions, and the conclusions of their value for Europe and the Agency.

Focus: Cyber Security Exercise Cooperation

Recently, the Agency staged its 4th preparatory workshop for the forthcoming cyber security -Critical Information Infrastructure Protection -CIIP- exercise. The exercise is the 1st ever pan-European joint CIIP action of its kind. Here is a follow-up, in-depth interview with our Experts, to explain the background, and the context of the Agency's resilience and CIIP program; what tools the Agency has at its disposal, and what the next steps are.

Planning of the 1st Pan European CIIP exercise on time

A team of planners from dedicated Member States (DK, FI, FR, HU, IT, PT, SE, UK) with the contribution of staff from ENISA and the Joint Research Centre (JRC), presented to the plenary, 22 participating countries, the draft proposals for exercise setup, the detailed scenario and the various policies. All of them are subject to final approval the next few days based on the constructive comments received.

Roadmap for the EU Agencies' work ahead

Political leaders from the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union recently met in Strasbourg to take stock of the ongoing discussions on the functioning of European Agencies. They agreed on a roadmap for the work ahead. The three institutions committed to finding common ground on how to improve Agencies' work in 2011.

The 5th CERT workshop

Computer Emergency Response Teams - CERTs or the so called ‘digital fire brigades’ in colloquial terms, are operationally managing the response to cyber attacks. As such, they are crucial for Europe. ENISA has successfully been supporting the build up of national / governmental CERTs in Europe since its start up.

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