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European Commission Vice President Kroes; 1st visit to ENISA

European Commission Vice President Kroes; first visit to ENISA, 07/04/2011

Published on April 08, 2011

European Union (EU) Commissioner and Vice President Mrs Neelie Kroes has today (Thursday 7 April) made her first visit to the EU’s ‘cyber security’ agency, ENISA at its offices in Heraklion, Greece. The visit highlights the Agency’s key role in increasing digital security for the citizens of Europe.

Commissioner Kroes is in charge of the Digital Agenda for Europe, and while at ENISA (the European Agency for Network and Information Security) took the opportunity to meet the Agency’s staff in person, and recognize “the excellent work carried out by these IT security experts under the Executive Director, Professor Helmbrecht, thanks to whom ENISA is becoming a point of reference in the area of cyber security in Europe.”

Commissioner Kroes also presented the main features of the Commission regulation proposal for a stronger and modernised and new mandate for ENISA (tabled last September 30/09/2010). This regulation proposal is currently under discussion in the European Parliament and the Council.

Commissioner Kroes concluded her visit by saying:  “ENISA is one of the key elements of the Digital Agenda for Europe activities fostering trust and security in Europe.”

The Agency Executive Director, Prof. Udo Helmbrecht, commented;

“Her visit was a positive token of recognition for the Agency staff, and their expertise, and underlined the importance of the Agency communicating its results, to actually increase digital security in Europe.”


For more pictures of the occassion.


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