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Council welcomed the Agency regulation proposals

The European Council met in Brussels on 3rd Dec and welcomed the Agency regulation proposals.

Published on December 08, 2010

Excerpts from the provisional version of the press release from the Council on Friday 3rd Dec 2010 at the 3052th Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council;  regarding the European Network and Information Security Agency.

'In a public session, the Council examined progress made on two draft regulations regarding the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA). The Presidency has prepared a progress report (16835/10) which takes stock of the progress made so far on two Commission proposals tabled in September and October 2010. The first proposal (14322/10) amends the existing ENISA regulation 460/2004 by extending its current mandate, due to expire in March 2012, by a further 18 months. This extension would help to avoid a legal vacuum if the new mandate is not adopted before the expiry of the current one.

The second Commission proposal (14358/10) aims to strengthen and modernise ENISA and to establish a new mandate for a period of five years. The Commission proposes in particular to extend ENISA's tasks, to enable it to act as an interface between cyber-security experts and public authorities involved in the fight against cybercrime, to streamline ENISA's management structures and to gradually increase its financial and human resources.'

Welcomed proposals

'Both proposals were examined by the Council bodies and all delegations welcomed them. The progress report identified the following main issues to be discussed further in order to prepare a Council's common position for the negotiations with the European Parliament: ENISA's tasks, the duration of the mandate, the role and structure of ENISA bodies and funding.'



See the video streaming from the Council discussions: (select your language of preference)


Council Progress Report of 25 Nov.

Commission Press release regarding the regulation proposals of 30/09.



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