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Visit by the new Agency Management Board Chair, Mrs Herranen

The new Chair of the ENISA Management Board, Mrs Mari Herranen visited the Agency at its offices in Heraklion, on Thursday 28 April, to meet Agency staff.

Published on April 28, 2011

Mrs Herranen had set the ambition, early in her tenure, to meet the Agency management and staff.

She described the purpose of the visit as two-fold:
“ Firstly, I feel it is very important to meet the staff as the new Management Board Chair. Secondly, I will use this opportunity for discussions with the Agency Management, to obtain information on current Agency topics.”

“I was very pleased to get a chance to meet the dedicated professionals who work at the Agency, and learn more of their splendid work to enhance IT security in Europe, as it is paramount for Europe’s economy.” Mrs Herranen concluded.

For more images of the visit.

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