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EU Public-Private Partnership on Resilience Workshop 16-17 March

The European Commission together with ENISA is currently establishing a European Public-Private Partnership for Resilience (EP3R).

Published on February 23, 2011

Public Private Partnership Resilience Workshop

An EP3R Workshop is now scheduled on the 16th of March and 17th of March morning, in Brussels.

EP3R will provide a flexible European-wide governance framework to involve relevant public and private stakeholders in public policy. Together, all actors will conduct strategic decision making discussions to strengthen security and resilience in the context of Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (CIIP). EP3R focuses on prevention and preparedness matters with a European dimension and in view of a global outreach. EP3R objectives, principles and proposed structure are described in the non-paper on the establishment of EP3R devised in June 2010 (available here).


A bottom-up approach is proposed. This means seeking the active contribution of relevant public and private stakeholders to ensure that EP3R will address their actual needs and priorities.



In this context, three Working Groups have been established to discuss key issues and propose recommendations, respectively in the field of:

1. Key assets, resources and functions for the continuous and secure provisioning of electronic communications across countries;
2. Baseline requirements for the security and resilience of electronic communications;
3. Coordination and cooperation needs and mechanisms to prepare for and respond to large-scale disruptions affecting electronic communications.


Should you be interested to contribute to one or several Working Group(s), please register and request the Working Groups’ Terms of Reference to Lionel Dupré (Lionel.Dupre Q


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