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New Corporate Agency video online

The new corporate Agency video clip is online. In four minutes, a number of ENISA Experts and its Executive Director Dr. Udo Helmbrecht gives a brief overview of some Agency security activities in its mission of 'Securing Europe's Information Society'.

Published on December 02, 2010

What is ENISA's role in Europe's digital information society?

This corporate video clip briefly outlines the mission and role of ENISA, supportive IT security operations of the Agency, as well as some of the network and information security challenges of today. In four minutes, the Agency shows some 'snap-shot' samples of its 'cyber security' activities by having its Executive Director Dr. Helmbrecht and Agency Experts speaking about some of our work to enhance IT Security in Europe.

Corporate video clip 2010These samples of operational activities include, e.g. our work in supporting the mapping, build-up and training of Computer Emergency Response Teams (the so-called Digital Firebrigades), the importance of spreading our results & findings through media and other key stakeholders, our resilience work and the Cyber Security Exercise, our work with promoting best practices and close relation with the private sector, botnets (a network of hijacked computers), smartphones privacy and security implications, study of new challenges of the Future Internet, and the need for 'security by design', eIDs challenges.


Watch the video clip:

(For full screen click in the right hand corner, next to the clock.)



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