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Agency initiative to implement Art. 13a of Telecom Package

ENISA takes initiative on the implementation of article 13a of the new Telecom Package

Published on May 31, 2010

Initiative to implement article 13a of the new Telecom Package.

ENISA, in co-operation with the EU Spanish Presidency, organised a workshop in Madrid on 27th of May regarding the transposition of article 13a of the new Telecom Package in their national laws.

The objective of the workshop was to bring together competent national authorities from different Member States  and the European Commission. Together they should identify key issues, discuss possible options and try to reach a momentum.  Member States also clarified several important issues and debated on the meaning of them.  The role of ENISA and the expectations of stakeholders from the Agency were also discussed.

As an outcome, they all agreed that harmonisation across Europe of the different article 13a implementations is the biggest challenge.

For that reason, they stressed ENISA’s key facilitating role and called the Agency to continue its efforts in reaching  momentum on several important issues of the article.


Next steps

Through exchange of good practices, sharing of knowledge and constructive dialogue  with key stakeholders, the Agency will progressively reach the goal of harmonisation in implementation.

ENISA’s Resilience and CIIP Program recently published a good practice guide  on national incident reporting schemes, one of the key topics of article 13a.



The Telecom Package is a directive.  EU Directives must be transposed into national law. The directives are aimed at the Member States and state what objectives are to be met. The Member States themselves decides what must be done to reach these objectives. Read the consolidated version of article 13a of the Telecom Packagein full.


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