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ENISA analyses the incentives and challenges to Public – Private Information Sharing

The European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA), with the support of RAND Europe, investigates the incentives, challenges and barriers for the sharing of information and knowledge in public and private groups or forums such as Network Security Information Exchanges (NSIE) and Information Sharing Analysis Centers (ISACs).

Published on July 09, 2010

Information sharing is recognised as an important activity in respect of sharing problems and solutions between organisations in a trusted environment. This research study aims to bring together, for the first time, knowledge from academic and practitioner circles about why information is, or is not, shared in these groups. This research will inform future policy and decision-making in this vital field.

In that context ENISA and RAND Europe organised on 1st of July a workshop with major public and private stakeholders. The overall purpose of this workshop is to arrive at a robust, tested and prioritised list of the most important incentives and barriers to information sharing.
Workshop participants had the chance to:

  • gain access to unique research findings – this study is the first to collectively attempt to describe and assess the incentives and challenges to information sharing;
  • obtain data to support your own internal business case for information sharing in your own organisation
  • have an opportunity to network and strengthen your informal relationships with peers, practitioners and European experts from the public and private sector;
  • have an opportunity to participate in the preparatory activities prior to the discussion and formulation of EU policy in this domain.

Following the workshop, this prioritised list will be then used to identify and generate policy actions and concrete recommendations at the European level for integration into the final report of the study which will be made available to participants in summer 2010.

More information about ENISA’s good practice on information sharing is available here.


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