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Security Summit: Cross border cooperation - a key point for security

ENISA's Head of Technical Competence Department, Dr Steve Purser, gave a keynote speech at the Security Summit organised by Italian CLUSIT in Rome. Among the key points underlined was the focus on a collaborative approach across borders for increased security in Europe.

Published on June 15, 2010

Dr. Steve Purser gave a keynote speech and participated in the ensuing panel discussion at the Security Summit held in Rome on 9th June.


In his presentation, Dr. Purser covered a number of points, including:

• Why secure information systems are a pre-requisite for a  competitive economy.
• The need for more effective education of European citizens  in the area of information security.
• The importance of cross-border collaboration in improving Europe’s Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (CIIP) and in enhancing early warning and incident handling capabilities.
• Priorities for improving information security within Europe.
• How security can help promote the uptake of innovative solutions by building trust in the user community.


The panel discussion touched upon most of these themes and strongly supported the need for a collaborative approach to solving security problems in a globally connected environment.’


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