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INFOSEK 2010- 'Secure Your World'; Privacy & Data Protection in focus

The Executive Director, Dr Udo Helmbrecht gave a Key Note speech at the INFOSEK conference on 'Security as a key element of Privacy and Data Protection' on 25th, November 2010.

Published on November 26, 2010


The Executive Director of ENISA, Dr. Udo Helmbrecht gave a Key Note speech on the first day of the INFOSEK 2010 Conference, being invited as Special Guest. Dr Helmbrecht spoke about 'Security as a key element of Privacy and Data Protection' and the challenges for the policy makers in regards to privacy. This included an analysis of e.g. how to balance the benefits and fun of online social networking, while yet safeguarding privacy aspects. To address these matters, the Executive Director of ENISA emphasised both educating users, actions to be taken by policy makers, and technological aspects. Dr Helmbrecht furthermore outlined the Agency Work Programme for 2011 in respect to these matters. The  Information Commissioner of the Republic of Slovenia, Mrs. Natasa Pirc Musar, also made a Key Note.  

For Dr Helmbrecht's PPTs:


The theme of this year's INFOSEK was 'Secure your world'  and the conference took place in Nova Gorica, Slovenia, 24-26 November.

INFOSEK is in its eighth year of providing information security professionals an opportunity to learn about the latest trends, events and issues in information security and information risk management.  This three-day conference took place in Nova Gorica, Slovenia. (See ENISA Country report on  Slovenia.)



INFOSEK is the most comprehensive and important forum on Information Security in the region. The INFOSEK 2010 is co-organised by Palsit in cooperation with ENISA. More information about the event:



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