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New, updated '2.0'-version of 'Digital Firebrigades' map & inventory

New, updated '2.0'-version of 'Digital Firebrigades' map & inventory, i.e. Computer Emergency Response Teams, 'CERT's- v.2.0.

Published on September 03, 2010

Updated CERT Inventory & map

The latest, updated version [2.0] of the Computer Emergency Response Team  (CERTs) Inventory was recently published. Currently, you can find 150 teams on our map! Please find a link to the Inventory main page, where you can find both. 


The update of the document and the map is done regularly by the Agency, every [ca] 6 months. The next version is anticipated for November this year. To always have the latest, updated version, and for regular updates of Agency activities; subscribe to RSS.





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