External Meeting Calendar

This calendar includes the meetings of ENISA Management with external stakeholders.


Date ENISA Stakeholders Topics Discussed

Andreas Mitrakas

Microsoft Brussels

Certification schemes


Andreas Mitrakas

Andreas Mitrakas

CNECT-ENISA coordination calls


Andreas Mitrakas


ETSI-ENISA Co-operation agreement


Andreas Mitrakas


Joint meeting BSI & ENISA on certification


Juhan Lepassaar

FIPRA International Ltd

Cybersecurity topics


Andreas Mitrakas


2nd European Digital Identity Roundtable


Andreas Mitrakas


IPR agreement with GSMA


Demosthenes Ikonomou, Andreas Mitrakas, Apostolos Malatras

Apple, Brunswick Group

Security implications of Sideloading applications on mobile devices


Andreas Mitrakas, Evangelos Ouzounis

T-Mobile, Orange, Telefonica, telecom Italia and Vodafone

Representatives of operators, signatories of the Open RAN MOU presented their views and vision on addressing security challenges in O-RAN.

This included presentation of the signatories action plan, overview of O-RAN alliance activities, with emphasis on Security Focus Group and its current and future activities in this area.


Juhan Lepassaar, Jo De Muynck


Current and future cooperation ENISA-Microsoft: Information Exchange, JCU, EU ISACs, NIS2, Certification 


Juhan Lepassaar

JEDI Foundation Cybersecurity issues

Juhan Lepassaar

National Cybersecurity Agency of France (ANSSI)  JCU, upcoming French Presidency of the Council of the EU

Juhan Lepassaar

Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (GOVCERT.LU) Cybersecurity topics 
28/10/2021 Andreas Mitrakas BSI SOGIS-MC
27/10/2021 Andreas Mitrakas CNECT - H4 2nd eIDAS Expert Group meeting on the Toolbox
06/10/2021 Andreas Mitrakas NTT Core Service Platform for EU Cybersecurity
01/10/2021 Andreas Mitrakas Broadcom Certification Schemes
30/09/2021 Andreas Mitrakas CNECT - H4 European Digital Identity Framework - eIDAS Expert Group Meeting
28/09/2021 Andreas Mitrakas Gartner ENISA - Cybersecurity Market analysis - planning touchpoint
21/09/2021 Andreas Mitrakas EUAN AG New Ways of Working
21/09/2021 Andreas Mitrakas CNECT NIS, Certification, ENISA Business
21/09/2021 Andreas Mitrakas Deloitte Survey 7.2 follow up
20/09/2021 Andreas Mitrakas Deloitte Survey 6.1 follow up
17/09/2021 Andreas Mitrakas AG SPD, ENISA's latest work
17/09/2021 Andreas Mitrakas SCCG 5th SCCG Meeting on KPIs
09/09/2021 Andreas Mitrakas CNECT H1 NIS WS 5G Cybersecurity
09/09/2021 Andreas Mitrakas NTTDATA Core Service Platform for EU Cybersecurity
09/09/2021 Juhan Lepassaar French Competence Centre Cybersecurity issues
09/09/2021 Juhan Lepassaar Atos European strategic priorities in cybersecurity
09/09/2021 Juhan Lepassaar Cyber Campus Cybersecurity topics
08/09/2021 Apostolos Malatras ESET ENISA report on Supply Chain threat landscape - ENISA engagement with experts in an open ad transparent way via the ad hoc working groups
08/09/2021 Andreas Mitrakas Digital Europe Future of IoT security: What is next?
07/09/2021 Andreas Mitrakas EC CNECT H1 CEF CSP platform – preparation and exchange of views ahead of the kickoff meeting
03/09/2021 Juhan Lepassaar German Federal Office for Information Security Cybersecurity topics
31/08/2021 Andreas Mitrakas ECSO TG-Label Marketing & Awareness Sub Group
12/08/2021 Juhan Lepassaar CybExer Estonian Information Security Association's Seminar
15/07/2021 Juhan Lepassaar

Cybernetica AS

European Cybersecurity Strategy and European digital identity
12/07/2021 Juhan Lepassaar CybExer European Cybersecurity Strategy
21/06/2021 Juhan Lepassaar Symantec Cybersecurity topics
21/06/2021 Juhan Lepassaar DIGITALEUROPE SCCG
10/06/2021 Juhan Lepassaar European Centre of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats “Hybrid CoE Cybersecurity issues
28/05/2021 Juhan Lepassaar National Cybersecurity Agency of France (ANSSI) Cybersecurity topics and priorities of the French Presidency of the Council of the EU
05/05/2021 Juhan Lepassaar Ministry of Defence of Lithuania Lithuanian priorities in cyber field, JCU, NIS2, Certification
22/04/2021 Juhan Lepassaar European Banking Federation Cloud SCHEME and DORA
14/04/2021 Juhan Lepassaar Minister of Digital Governance of the Hellenic Republic Cybersecurity and consultation with host country
10/03/2021 Juhan Lepassaar NATO Activities related to cybersecurity and potential fields of cooperation
22/02/2021 Juhan Lepassaar Marietje Schaake, Stanford Cyber Policy Center Encryption
18/02/2021 Juhan Lepassaar Secunet Security Networks Encryption
10/02/2021 Juhan Lepassaar Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) SolarWinds attacks
04/02/2021 Juhan Lepassaar, Executive Director GAIA-X GAIA-X – ENISA collaboration


Calendars for 2019 and 2020 are available here

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