Management Board

The Management Board is composed of representatives of the Member States and the Commission.

The Management Board is entrusted with the necessary powers to:

  • Establish the budget
  • Verify its execution
  • Adopt the appropriate financial rules
  • Establish transparent working procedures for decision making by the Agency
  • Approve the Agency's work programme
  • Adopt its own rules of procedure and the Agency's internal rules of operation
  • Appoint and remove the Executive Director

The Management Board is ensuring that the Agency carries out its tasks under conditions which enables it to serve in accordance with the Cybersecurity Act.

Internal rules of procedure for the Management Board and for the Executive Board of ENISA

Management Board composition:

  • Chair: Ms Fabienne Tegeler, Germany
  • Vice Chair: Mr Stefan Lee, Finland
  • Commission Representatives
  • Member States Representatives
  • EEA-Country Representatives (Observers)

List of ENISA Management Board Representatives and Alternates
(Status: July 2024)

Executive Board

On 17 October 2013, the Management Board decided to establish the Executive Board. The Executive Board is made up of five members of the MB and it is chaired by the MB Chairperson.

The Executive Board is preparing decisions to be adopted by the Management Board on administrative and budgetary matters and it meets once every three months.

Executive Board members 
(Status: July 2024)

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