The Executive Director

Prof. Udo Helmbrecht is the Executive Director of ENISA since the 16th of October 2009.  Prior to this, he was the President of the German Federal Office for Information Security, BSI, for six years, between 2003-2009.

Prof. Helmbrecht was nominated by ENISA’s Management Board, from a list of candidates proposed by the European Commission, after a presentation of his visions. He was appointed after making a statement to the European Parliament and replying to MEPs’ questions on 16 April, 2009.

In 2010, he was bestowed with the title of Honorary Professor at the Bundeswehr University in Munich.

On September 2014 the ENISA Management Board decided to extend the term of office for the Executive Director for five years.

Prof.  Helmbrecht is assisted by a Permanent Stakeholders' Group and ad hoc Working Groups on scientific and technical matters.




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