Advisory Group (AG)

Composed by experts from industry, academia, business and consumer groups, as well as nominated members, the Advisory Group assists ENISA in drawing up its work programme, achieving its strategic objectives and communicating with key stakeholders.

The Role

Established under the EU Cybersecurity Act (Article 21) the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity Advisory Group focuses on issues relevant to stakeholders and brings them to the attention of the Agency. In particular, the Advisory Group advises the Agency’s Executive Director on drawing up a major part of the annual work programme and engages effectively on the programme with stakeholder communities.

The Advisory Group replaces the Permanent Stakeholders Group, active since the Agency’s foundation in 2004, and aims to ensure that stakeholders have a proactive voice in the development of the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity’s work programme.


The Advisory Group is composed of “nominated members” and members appointed “ad personam” from an array of professional backgrounds, ensuring sufficient representation of stakeholders across the European Union.

The group includes stakeholders from the ICT industry, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), consumer groups, as well as providers of electronic communications networks or services available to the public, operators of essential services, academic experts in the field of cybersecurity, and nominated representatives such as the European standardisation organisations, law enforcement and data protection supervisory authorities. The group will serve a 2.5-year term.

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