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Estonia - Cyber Security Strategy 2014 - 2017 now available

In September 2014, the Estonian Government approved the Cyber Security Strategy for 2014–2017 with the objective of increasing the capacity of the state in the area of cyber security and raising the awareness of the population of cyber risks.

Published on November 27, 2014

The strategy takes into account the lessons learned from the implementation of the previous strategy (Cyber Security Strategy 2009-2013, approved in 2008), experiences of other states and is directed to the identification and management of cyber security risks.

The Cyber Security Strategy focuses on ensuring the provision of vital services, raising the efficiency of combating cyber crimes and development of the national defence capacity. The additional supporting activities are the development of the legal framework, improvement of international cooperation, raising the awareness and ensuring the availability of experts and solutions for cyber security.

The English version of the  Strategy is available here.

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