February 2014

ENISA's National Liaison Officers (NLOs) met on 17 February 2014 with ENISA experts in Athens, in order to explore collaboration opportunities according to the Agency’s 2014 work programme.

 NLOs Meeting, 17th February


Meeting Agenda


Meeting Presentations

Multi-Annual Programme & WP 2015, Steve Purser, ENISA

Update on NLO activities, Katerina Christaki, ENISA

ENISA Minimum Measures For Smart Grids, Konstantinos Moulinos, ENISA

National Cyber Security Strategies, Dimitra Liveri, ENISA

Implementing EU legislation, Christoffer Karsberg, ENISA

European Cyber Security Month, Daria Catalui, ENISA

Latest developments in Latvia, Viktors Lipenits, NLO Latvia

Joining forces to fight botnets, Dan Tofan, NLO Romania

Presentation on Luxembourg, Manuel Silvoso, NLO Luxembourg


The minutes of the meeting

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