Set the relevant technical security measures


In addition to the security measures for human interaction, such as Chatham rules and TLP, ISACs using technology for information exchange need to consider security around both distribution channels and information storage. For example, encryption could be applied to the distribution channels, such as emails. 

ISACs may also use Malware Information Sharing Platforms (MISP), which are open source platforms for sharing and storing threat intelligence. In MISPs, you may benefit from information on indicators of threat, threat originators, financial fraud and much more.

ISACs may also consider applying standards such as ISO/IEC 27010, which sets standards for security around communication between organisations and sectors. Another security measure to be applied can be the use of pseudonymisation techniques, which enable information originators and recipients to anonymise certain data or information. 


  • Activity – Security standards
  • Tool – Encryption, MISP 

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