Build a culture of willingness to contribute


One of the elements of building trust is the individual members’ commitment to invest in the community and share information. Members are not only expected to commit to the common rules, obligations and standards, but also to behave and operate in a way that reflects team spirit and active participation. Community members seldom appreciate other members who view the ISAC as a forum to consume information. Members are expected to continuously collect information, prepare and share it. Some suggestions for encouraging commitment and activity are: 

  • Lead by example rather than focus on controls. 
  • Patience. Trust and growth take time. 
  • Increase information value by validating and enriching it. Receiving useful information will encourage members to “give back”.
  • Organising thematic workshops, trainings and other educational activities help members build capacity and see the value in investing time in the ISAC. 

One way to the express and agree on the level of commitment is to describe it in a Code of Conduct that is signed by each member. This is not a legal document, but by signing it you show that you agree to the shared commitments. 


  • Activity – Building culture
  • Document – Code of Conduct 

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