Prepare for the start-up meeting


The start-up meeting is important as it sets the scene and starting point for the ISAC. When the relevant organisations have been identified, it is time to prepare the invitation and agenda for the start-up meeting. At this meeting the agenda could represent the precursor to the Terms of Reference, which should be developed together with the members. The agenda items at the meeting could be some of the following: 

  • Proposed goal and purpose 
  • Areas of sharing
  • Basic rules for sharing (TLP, how to share etc) 
  • Frequency of meetings 
  • Dates for the coming meetings 

In the invitation to the start-up meeting organisers should describe the objective for setting up the ISAC, include the meeting agenda and describe the expected profile for the participating members, in order for the organisations to appoint the right members to join. 


  • Activity – Meeting
  • Document – Invitation letter, Agenda, Terms of Reference, Traffic Light Protocol, Code of Conduct, Non-disclosure agreement
  • Tool – Email

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