Frequency and length of meetings


Depending on the preferences of the ISAC, organisers may want to gather regularly e.g. on a monthly or quarterly basis, or may need to exchange information on a more frequent basis.

The length of the meeting itself depends on how often members meet and if the members need to travel. For national ISACs who meet at least once a month it may be enough to conduct halfday meetings. For pan- European ISACs on the other hand, members are required to travel longer distances, making lunch-to-lunch meetings a more suitable alternative. This model enables members to travel in and out on the same days as the start and end of the meetings respectively, which in turn provides an opportunity for social activities at the end of the first day.  

To ensure continuity and active participation, scheduling dates and location if applicable for the whole year as early as possible is advisable once the meeting frequency has been agreed. 


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