Identify stakeholders and members


When setting up a new ISAC, starting small is key for building trust, forming the partnership and setting the wheels in motion. Start by identifying and reaching out to a few like-minded organisations to share information with. As trust increases, bringing in new stakeholders might be beneficial or even necessary, but keeping the participants at a maximum number of 20-25 organisations is ideal, as management and coordination becomes more difficult the larger the ISAC becomes.

Members representing the organisations do not have to be managers, but they should

  • Have enough competence to share and benefit from the discussions,
  • Have the mandate to represent its organisation in order to speak freely at the meetings,
  • Feel committed to actively participate in and contribute to the discussions,
  • Be able to contribute with, or receive information on, a relevant level (e.g. strategic vs. technical)

When like-minded representatives from other organisations have been identified, the following check could be done in order to fine-tune the participation:

  • Are the current organisations/representatives the right ones for accomplishing the goals or should additional organisations/representatives join?
  • Who are represented in the group, and what are their similarities and differences?


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