Build trust through individual membership and continuity


As information exchange and collaboration occurs when members believe in the joint efforts and intentions in building resilience together, this kind of trust sometimes requires long processes of getting to know each other. For this reason, it is advisable that the members participate in their individual capacity rather than functional capacity. In some instances, the same individual might still be a member of the ISAC, even if he or she has switched employers to another organisation within the ISAC. It may be a good idea to also include alternate members representing their organisation in case the main representative is unable to participate. However, the role, responsibilities and possible limitations of the alternate ought to be clear. 

Organisers should also strive for continuity in the group although this may be difficult to influence. A high turn-over of members may have many reasons, but it is paramount to ensure that the organisation and quality of the information sharing isn’t the reason. 


  • Activity – Representation, Member Continuity 

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