Prepare the meeting agenda


The agenda for the meetings or conference calls can be anything from general topics or very detailed agenda items. It is advisable that the agenda is standardised to improve consistency and have the members feel familiar with the meeting format.  

For the face to face meetings organisers may want to have an open and closed session. For the closed session it is common to have different sessions for the meetings, for instance: 

  • Administrative (Document management, organisational and member changes etc) 
  • Strategic (Policy, regulations, trends, etc) 
  • Operational (Operational information sharing, TLP session etc) 

The meeting agenda is normally drafted by the secretary, but it could also be the chair or an external contractor. As a starting point, organisers could ask members to provide input for the agenda. Organisers could also collect member information on current threats, trends and incidents and aggregate this as a foundation for structured discussions at the meeting. Then, good practice is to send out the draft meeting agenda well in advance, at least two weeks prior to the meeting. 


  • Document - Agenda 

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