Evaluate the willingness to develop the ISAC


At some point in time, an information sharing community may want to ask themselves whether there is momentum to gradually develop the ISAC further. Either the ISAC is happy the way things are, or are reaching a level of maturity in which they are ready to invest more time and resources into the community. This evaluation could be done at the end of the year as a workshop in connection to the ISAC meeting. Before the meeting organisers could send out a questionnaire in order to collect views and ideas. Typical of questions to ask could be: 

  • Are you satisfied with the current mode of cooperation? If not, what would you improve: 
  • Would you like to add activities to our cooperation? In that case, what? 
  • Would you want us to structure our work in an annual plan?


  • Activity – Evaluation, workshop, deepened collaboration
  • Document - Report 

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