Define Key Performance Indicators


In order to help your ISAC in the evaluation process, especially when assessing performance against objectives, some statistical input to the discussions would be useful. The starting point is to identify what areas to measure and then to define a few relevant indicators for measuring them. The indicator should be quantitative in some way, and therefore it is often described in terms of a numerical value. Some examples: 

  • Value for the members:   
    • Survey with questions on perceived value on a scale from good to bad     
  • Impact: 
    • Number of Indicators of Compromise (IoC) shared   
    • Number of published white-papers, and number of times they have been downloaded
    • Number of presentations of the ISAC at external conferences 
    • Number of completed activities in an annual plan 
  • Trust
    • Number contributions at TLP red meeting sessions 


  • Activity – Evaluation, define ways to measure performance
  • Document – Key Performance Indicators
  • Tool – Website, collaboration platform 

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