Thematic workstreams and working groups


As the ISAC is maturing, evaluations may point to the need of breaking out certain themes, topics or activities into separate sub-groups. These are often called workstreams or working groups. This sub-group may be tasked to perform a certain action and report it back to the plenary group. The advantage is that you can gather and concentrate on the objective of the sub-group, either continuously or until the objective is achieved. The challenge is that this increased ambition requires commitment from the members. Someone needs to run the group, it needs to have separate interactions through physical meetings, tele-conferences, e-mail conversations and similar, and it needs to report back its achievements to the plenary group. If the sub-group has a set time interval during which it should operate, it is important to close down the group as planned. If it is permanent, you should evaluate its operations regularly. 


  • Activity – Meeting
  • Document – Agenda, meeting minutes, annual plan, annual report
  • Tool – Email, collaboration platform 

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