The Public-Private Partnership model


A Public Private Partnership (PPP) is mostly driven by the public body such as a ministry or a public agency. In that case, the public body will initiate the creation of an ISAC. The initiative may  come from an organisation, the Government or EU institution followed by pre-studies to scope out the specifics for the ISAC.

The organisational structure may be more formalised and mature at an early stage, as the organiser will probably establish and chair the ISAC, and most likely will finance the ISAC. The organiser will probably have an interest in using the ISAC as a sounding board for the draft output of their organisation. Members will probably be interested in hearing the latest from the organiser and each other as well as contributing to the policy level. The organiser will be able to take early initiatives to establish workstreams as long as there is a plan for running them. Organisers may also consider having a management board that gives the direction for the ISAC.


  • Activity – Meetings
  • Document – Agendas, annual plans
  • Tool – Email, information sharing platform

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