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Digital traps -"Honeynet" workshop by CERT Polska and ENISA

Published on March 28, 2014

The workshop will allow the CERT community to interact with security researchers and toolmakers, particularly in the area of malware analysis, botnet reverse engineering and honeypots.

Event outline

The event regularly attracts the best information security experts from around the world who present and discuss their research results, new tools and methods to combat threats in today's Internet.

This year's conference will last three days. The first two are devoted to presentations and demonstrations of new tools created by members of the Honeynet Project and other experts.

On day three, participants will be able to take part in training sessions, that will enable them to gain practical skills in the subject of reverse engineering, mobile malware, the fight against botnets and security virtualization technology.

Top speakers

Speakers and trainers at this year’s edition will include experts, such as Tillmann Werner (the fight against botnets), Raffael Marty (visualization of security data ), Richard Perlotto (malware and threat analysis), David Watson (honeypots), Felix Leder (malware analysis), Brian Hay (security virtualization ), Christian Seifert (web security) and Mahmud Ab Rahman (malicious software on mobile devices) .

The briefings will also feature invited technical experts from outside the Honeynet Project, with institutions such as NATO, Kaspersky, Symantec and NSS Labs presenting on malware analysis, attacks on online banking and APTs.


More details: 2014 Honeynet Project Workshop

Registration for the workshop is now open at




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