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Security measures for smart grids - Dissemination workshop

Published on April 03, 2014

The Expert Group 2 (EG2) of the Smart Grid Task Force organised a workshop on security requirements for smart grids. The workshop took place yesterday, 2nd April 2014, in Brussels.

The meeting's objectives were:

  1. To disseminate the report on the security measures for smart grids prepared by EG2 and delivered by ENISA to the Directorate-General for Energy (DG-ENER) last December.
  2. To discuss the next steps and the way forward on the continuation of the activities of the group.


ENISA, with the support of DG-ENER and DG-CONNECT, has concluded to a series of consultations with EG2. The Group consists of security experts from both the private and the public sectors.


In its Communication on "Smart Grids: from innovation to deployment" [COM/2011/202], the European Commission has recognised that smart grids, as a Critical Infrastructure, should operate securely and respect end users' privacy. For this reason, the Commission has decided to further investigate the challenges of ensuring adequate smart grid protection in the EU. In light of the above, ENISA (European Agency for Network and Information Security), in cooperation with ENER and CNECT, undertook consultations with the private and public sectors in order to formulate security measures to assist smart grid providers in improving the infrastructures' cyber resilience.



This has led to the formulation of this document, entitled 'Proposal for a list of security measures for smart grid', containing 45 security measures structured in 11 security domains as well as the mapping of the identified security measures to the potential threats. The dissemination workshop for this report took place yesterday, 2 April 2014, in Brussels.

This document is linked to ENER actions on smart grid cyber security as well as to CNECT's proposal for a NIS Directive (Objective 1.4.2).


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