An advanced and interactive way of building capacity is through exercises. Organisers may for instance exercise joint cooperation procedures or exercise a simulated scenario, that intends to replicate real world situations. Some exercises might involve external participants including external stakeholders within the same sector, other ISACs and governmental agencies. The size and format of the exercise will depend on the ISAC's ambition, as it will require considerable resources for planning, performing and evaluation.

A typical exercise could consist of a table top scenario exercise where participants identify and respond to certain threats and attacks typical to their sector. After the scenario, participants review their results and come up with improved measures of mitigation, which are then tested again in the same or a similar scenario. Such exercises could be held at a physical location with the participants present, or it could be distributed with the members exercising in their normal environment.


  • Activity – Exercise
  • Document – Agenda, evaluation, report
  • Tool – Technical equipment

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