EP3R 2009-2013 Future of NIS Public Private Cooperation.

The EP3R (European Public-Private Partnership for Resilience) was established in 2009 and was the very first attempt at Pan-European level to use a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) to address cross-border Security and Resilience concerns in the Telecom Sector. The EP3R participants initiated many discussions, saw a lot of commitment, and produced interesting conclusions. It also revealed some further needs in the security and resilient field and also some gaps to be filled in order to reach a higher maturity level of the Telecom Sector. The EP3R closed down in April 2013, after 4 years of existence and practically 3 years of operations. The impact of the very first European Public -Private Partnership for Resilience had to be assessed and lessons had to be drawn for future similar initiatives and other funded actions for improving European resilience.


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