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Cyber Security Assesment Netherlands 2016 published

The cyber security assessment Netherlands 2016 is now available online.

Published on November 03, 2016

The Cyber Security Assessment Netherlands (CSAN) is published annually by the Dutch National Cyber Security Centre and drawn up in close collaboration between public and private parties. The aim is to offer insight into developments, interests, threats and resilience in the field of cyber security over the period from May 2015 to April 2016. Every edition is translated in English, in order to facilitate knowledge transfer to our partners

In the context of the growing threats in the digital domain, there are four notable developments in the CSAN 2016:

  • Professional criminals carry out long-lasting and high-quality operations
  • Digital economic espionage by foreign intelligence services puts a strain on the competitiveness of the Netherlands
  • Ransomware is commonplace and has become even more advanced
  • Advertising networks have not yet shown the ability to cope with malvertising Last year there was an increase in actual cyber threats.

According to State Secretary Dijkhoff, the findings from the CSAN 2016 are worrisome: "These developments have implications for the whole of the Netherlands and lead to direct action. Through the National Detection Network, the government and the business community keep each other informed about current threats. In the coming period, I am going to put extra effort into this digital dike monitoring. We have to be realistic: no one person can oversee everything all the time. Therefore, the government and society must work together to keep our online world safe. The basis is knowing where vulnerabilities are, sharing that information and then 'closing down the gaps.' "

You can now download the English translation of the Cyber Security Assessment Netherlands 2016 at our website.


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