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Register for workshop on cybersecurity in eHealth

ENISA together with the Austria/Vienna Hospital Association is organising the second ENISA eHealth workshop to support the Member States and raise awareness and on the topic.

Published on November 09, 2016

The event takes place in Vienna on the 23rd of November. Topics to be discussed span from policy and regulation, to the important technological advancements ICT brings in healthcare.

Some of the designated speakers include:

  • Dr Ben Kokx, Phillips, presenting standardisation activities for medical devices and IoT
  • Dr Dimitris Glynos, explaining how easy it is to actually hack a smart medical device
  • Dr Korpelainen Juha, explaining how a smart hospital is built from scratch
  • Mr Roger Lim, EC DG SANTE, giving an overview of the policy activities for eHealth in the European Commission and the eHealth Network.

Guest speakers will be sharing views during the eHealth security workshop.

To register please visit the link

Workshop agenda

For more information:




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