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Udo Helmbrecht speaks on the “NIS directive and European security-related projects” at Vis!T 2014

ENISA’s Executive Director Udo Helmbrecht participated in the “NIS Direktive und Europäische sicherheitsrelevante Projekte” (NIS directive and European security-related projects) at the Vis!T 2014 Symposium.

Published on October 29, 2014

The event is alternately held in Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg every two year years, with this year’s meeting taking place in Vienna, looking into ICT security and scenarios expected in the future.

In his keynote address "Verwaltung integriert sichere Informationstechnologie" (Management integrates secure information technology) Prof. Helmbrecht pointed out that within the policy context, the NIS Platform - powered by the European Commission and supported by ENISA - provides a framework for supporting collaboration between public and private sectors on NIS policy issues. Within this context three working groups focus on:

  • Risk management, including information assurance, risks metrics and awareness raising;
  • Information exchange and incident coordination, including incident reporting and risks metrics for the purpose of information exchange;
  • Secure ICT research and innovation

Among the EU safety related projects ENISA is actively involved in is the organization of the pan- European Cyber security exercises since 2010, the threat landscape reporting and cloud security.

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