ENISA/OWASP session "Global Secure Software Initiatives - Beyond Awareness"

The Round Table session 'Global Secure Software Initiatives - Beyond Awareness' is organized by ENISA and OWASP. It will be at the OWASP Appsec Europe 2011 Conference in Dublin. Appsec Europe 2011 brings together many people from the field of secure software engineering. With this session we would like to follow-up on some of the discussions at the previous OWASP summit in Lisbon, and discuss what can be done to ensure that all the valuable guidance and tools produced are really put into practice in the wild.

Jun 09, 2011 from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM
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Session aim:

To bring together representatives of the main secure software organizations and initiatives for a round table to share information about their activities, objectives and lessons learned. In particular we would like to focus on how to ensure that all the valuable guidance and tools they produce are really put into practice in the wild. Appsec EU will bring together the people that matter in this debate. We will continue discussions from the OWASP Summit 2011 in Lisbon, making use of a survey conducted by ENISA of Secure Software Engineering initiatives to come up with practical proposals.

Session themes:

  • How to ensure all the valuable material produced by OWASP and other secure software initiatives is implemented in the wild.
  • The state of play, in terms of software quality and software security – what are the gaps.
  • How can we collectively achieve the goal of reducing software vulnerability – collaboration possibilities among initiatives.
  • What role could be played by governments in supporting secure software development - policy/funding/regulation/collaboration platforms - in particular by ENISA, The European Commission and the EU Member States

Panel chairs:

Giles Hogben (ENISA)

Yaroslav Usenko (KPMG)

Eoin Keary (OWASP)

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