Threat Landscape of Internet Infrastructure

Published under Threat Landscape

The report details the assets composing an Internet infrastructure and classifies the threats applicable, highlighting “important specific threats” that disrupt connectivity. These include routing threats, DNS threats, and (Distributed) Denial of Service. Each threat is linked with a list of assets exposed. Overall, there is an increase in the occurrence of these threats.

The report takes stock of publicly available security measures to protect Internet infrastructure assets and will enable asset owners to carefully analyse their Internet infrastructure through risk assessment and evaluation of exposure to specific threats. It details a list of good practices to make an Internet infrastructure more secure.

Furthermore, a gap analysis outlines existing shortcomings of current good practices. From the analysis, the gaps are linked to the application of skill sets in all important specific threats analysed, as well as to system configuration and essential addressing protocols for (Distributed) Denial of Service.


For the full report: Threat Landscape of Internet Infrastructure

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