Economics of Security: Facing the Challenges

As highlights of this work, we would like to refer to the following essential elements which are further analysed in the following sections: - A comprehensive analysis of the broad area of Economics of Security and an analysis of open issues and pending activities in each area. - Identification of the relevant stakeholders, their role and the activities they should contribute to. - Identification of policy impact of the identified topics of Economics of security, thus providing a good basis for a dialogue at the European level, but also at the level of Member States and the international community. - Identification of the effect of business challenges - emanating from international developments in the market – to the topics of Economic of Security. Such challenges shed additional light to the expected acceptance of the identified topics within decision makers in both business and policy. - Priorities of the identified topics of Economics of Security from multiple perspectives such as policy, business, research and maturity level of underlying concepts. - Last but not least, with this effort ENISA attracted contributions from various important multidisciplinary experts who have supported the agency in this work. These experts are an important source of knowledge and networking in the field of Economics of Security.

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