Proactive detection – Survey results

The current project aims to provide a complete inventory of all available methods, tools, activities and information sources for proactive detection of network security incidents, which are used already or potentially could be used by incident response teams in Europe nowadays. The current document presents the results of the 2019 survey and comparison with the 2011 edition . It provides an overview of the usage of the different tools and insight on the most common systems deployed in-house, the most often used measures, the level of effort and expertise needed to deploy these systems and other various aspects.


The results of the project are divided in three reports and in a living repository hosted on GitHub:

1- Report - Survey results

  • Survey among incident response teams in Europe;
  • Comparison with the 2011 survey.

2- Report - Measures and information sources

  • Inventory of available methods, tools, activities and information sources;
  • Evaluation of identified measures and information sources.

3- Report - Good practices gap analysis recommendations

  • Analysis of the data gathered;
  • Recommendations.

4- Online repository - GitHub

  • Information sources;
  • Measures and tools.

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