Enabling and managing end-to-end resilience

This document is structured in a manner that allows the reader to understand the definition of resilience and end-to-end resilience. The report identifies the contributors to end-to-end resilience and gives guidance on how to enable and manage end-to-end resilience. The primary scope of this report is public networks and services. End-to-end resilience is achieved from the planned combination of prevention, protection, response and recovery arrangements, whether technical, organisational or social.

Slawomir Gorniak - ENISA, Rodica Tirtea - ENISA, Demosthenes Ikonomou - ENISA, Scott Cadzow – Cadzow Communications, Henryk Gierszal – ITTI, David Sutton – Telefónica O2 UK, Paul Theron – Thales Information Systems Security, Claire Vishik – Intel

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