Privacy Features of European eID Card Specifications

A national eID card is a gateway to personal information. Any unwanted disclosure of personal information constitutes a violation of the citizen’s privacy rights. Apart from considerations of fundamental rights, this is also a serious obstacle to the adoption of eID card schemes and to their cross-border interoperability. The aim of this paper is to allow easy comparison between privacy features offered by European eID card specifications and thereby to facilitate identification of best practice.

Ingo Naumann, ENISA, EU, Giles Hogben, ENISA, EU, Herbert Leitold, A-SIT, Austria, Frank Leyman, Fedict, Belgium, Marc Stern, Fedict, Belgium, Tarvi Martens, AS Sertifitseerimiskeskus (SK), Estonia, Jens Bender, BSI, Germany, Dennis Kügler, BSI, Germany, Andrea de Maria, IPZS, Italy, André Vasconcelos, AMA, Portugal, Roberth Lundin, CEN TC 224 WG 15 (European Citizen Card), EU

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